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A NEWborn, Mother
she LOVES, her infant NewBORN, precious baby greater than any OTHER

After a point of Exhaustion, ninety six hours after twenty-four hours in severe stress and distress, BIRTHING--PAINS
then four days latter at home all alone and day night and day night and day night, day night, and now going into the--point-of--pure-physical, emotional, and mental break down, this NEWborn---MOM--to, be the--EXPERT--she--claims--to--her--FAME

Now, maybe, still--COMPLETELY----EXHASTED--DEHYDRATED--and--totally--SPENT
but with the title of being the--NEWborn--MOMMY--EXPERT--proudly--with--pretty--smile--with, a grateful--PRAYER,--to the Heavens-is-sent


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A NEWBorn Mother