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For every  CLIME and  PLACE
the world over with the different changings and--SEVERE--weather, even with such great technology advances- and--computers, when relating to--crazy-severe-- weather conditions--many times the statements from leaders will be--ALL-- we can do is--to---PRAY--- for GODS --Mercy-- and --GRACE

PRAY--, for the violent relentless typhoon strength ravenging winds to die down and  go   A-W-A-Y
as ravenging home fires are spreading--disastrously-- all --through----California--in-the county-of--beautiful--and--the--Second--largest--city--in--America---LA

PRAY-- for the rain to come
where, in many parts of the country and world, are scorced with hardly a single drop of water, for months and months on end, not any and-- none

PRAY--for the earth, to stop from rock and roll break and shake
and keep PRAYING, in the devastating,traumatizing after shocks of earth quake, 

PRAYING-- for the rising seas to, die down
after a deadly, trecherous devastatingly, with--Great--sum ani--strength--flooded inland and damaged all even on--high--ground

For in every PLACE, every disaster, the world over is being faced, with the changing--global--warming--C-L-I-M-E
as we --PRAY--, to the good lord, to calm the weather of every  violent strorm, to slow, calm and easy with not breezy--beautiful--great--California--SUNSHINE


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For every clime and place