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Forty to GO
before five grand a total, here recorded I reach --YA-KNOW

Really I'm, not in such of a--GREAT-Rush-as--so
as my GOAL, was to have a--five-grand--completed and posted by-January--first--YA--KNOW

So, really --IM--not in a great --RUSH
to, hurry and write and post--a---NEW--forty poems as--SUCH

Most of the--TIME
a writer would just, rather,--take--their--time--and-- let things, marinate and resonate,--IN--HEART--and--MIND--and, just with easy natural, flow, write a poem with perfect--RHYME--and--SHINE

But this TIME
I'm writing, a simple rhyme ---and--after--this---- write----Thirty-nine--left--to--post--with----RHYME

To reach a Grand-total--of--poems--of, my life,living, and--LOVE--of--FIVE-GRANDs
has been my mission--quests--goals--and--PLANS


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Forty to GO