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In a town ten miles from here
There are people who seem to care
About their town
About others
While this town ten miles away
Will smother
All the dreams of their neighbors
Like hurting someone else is labor
Making them feel better
Wanting everyone to be the same
Lack of diversity their game
Not everyone is young and rich
Not everyone can scratch the itch
Of perfect perfection
The old and poor want the perfection too
But they don't have the resources
That some do
My friend in Athena is the
Citizen of her town
Her house is not the best around
She has a little store where she sells
Second hand
Where clothes are a dollar
And she understands
That helping others in the ways she does
Is Jesus-like because
Athena needs a place to go
When Summer sun
Winter snow
Falls to the ground
The BEE'S KNEES store
Can be found
To be a community place
A place to go to face
Other people perhaps like you
Who need a place to go
Something to do
This lady had a community dinner on Earth Day
Made five hundred and fifty dollars that way
To buy flowers for the flower boxes on Main Street
So when you drive through town
It's so neat
Then Memorial Day came around
The American Flag could be found
All along the Main Street too
That's what coming together as a town can do
While what do people do here
But vex each other
Not to care
If some old lady like me cries
Because she hears the rumors from other guys
How someone wants to condemn the house
She's working hard to make a home from from
Some of the people here just want her done
And that is what she's going to be
If no one fights the battle with she
Thank God she has some rebel friends
An angel of a older lady who defends
That she is deserving of a home
To be her place until she will roam
Off unto the land of God
She prays for you to spare the rod
Spoil the old girl that she is now
But this town don't want her here somehow
But this town has rules that are not fair
As someone stays in a rich motor home over there
While she cannot live in her fifth wheel
The rules are only if your poor she feels
Or if you have the name of the important ones
Or if you have more funds
Than her disability check brings her
This town can be the meanest as it were
She wonders if it's always been like this
She wonders why her neighbors are so pissed
When the house next door looks so much better
Than before she started her love of labor
Just trying to have a dream
Just trying to have a place
Just trying to deem
Just trying to face
The death that will come to her
Sooner than later
Afraid she knows her haters
Want the place she works on torn down
Wants her out of town
Wants her tears falling to the ground
Wants her to stay lost in Hell Town
She will take it personally
She will be afraid of the worst for she
Is out of her antidepressants
While some of those in this town shuns
Her efforts to be better
Her poem letter
Here that she writes at four in the morning
She is afraid of your warnings
That she's beating a dead horse to move
That you don't want her in the groove
Of the bar
The only place to go for company
While she is locked away you see
Afraid to go use the phone booth
To get two more phones going
Where maybe a better phone signal
Will be sowing
The way to a phone that works inside
Instead you leave her wanting to hide
Hold her head down
She is not wanted in Hell Town
The films she makes on you tube
Are for this place and not rude
As rude is what this place is about
So she will pout and pout and pout
Until you send her to her grave
If no one's cares
No one will be saved
Then she gets angry at the upper classes
Thinks they should be kissing the asses
Of the old and poor who worked before
Caring for people like Winnona, Hazel, and Seaborne
Who were forlorned being old too
Kill all old people is what she feels this town will do
While Athena ten miles away gives their old a place today
At the SUGAR SHACK they can have drinks
The young are not against the old methinks
But then again I could be wrong
About the young here only wanting to sing the money song
Her truck is broke down
She cannot get her van started
There's no way to be parted
If no one has any mercy
And if they do
Some will still curse thee
That is the way it seems to be
Afraid to even walk to the school
Afraid to even go get her mail
Ten miles away is Athena Town
While where she lives is pure hell
And all she's trying to do
Is not get on the nerves of you
While she has no nerves left
No truck to drive off a cliff
Better dead than alive
Still she goes on trying to survive
Despite the hate you lay down
Wanting her and that house to go down
She takes it personally
In Hell Town where she wants to be
So you go on
Wanting her gone
She'll come out when she's strong enough
To face your hate that is so tough
Tough enough to kill her
While she'll write poetry to fulfill her
Dream of a home that is not full of someone else's junk
While she lives in her funk
While you have everything including her last son
Take it all from her
Your will not God's will is done
Unlike in Athena town
Hell Town is where this poet is found
And hellish poetry she'll write
On the early morning of this night
For you
Her killers of dreams
She will write the poetry that screams
For  fairness and satisfaction
While your action
Only kills
No mercy is what this poet feels
She is not well
She cannot sail
To good Athena town
Where love comes 'round
She's here today
But tomorrow Hell Town may
Blow her dreams away
So her haters can stay
Here without someone to hate
Better learn to be more like Athena 'fore it's too late
Better be more like Athena before God sees
That this town brings the weak to their knees
Praying in the sunrise for relief
Why haters do you have to bring her only grief?

6/15/2017 0529 cj

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