109,815 poems read

The trick of the poet
Is to know what to say
And how to say it
First. If you have the gift: curiosity, imagination and intellect coupled with a love of language…then years of reading and study. wonder and awe…then listening, observing, thinking and doing…false starts, dead ends, blind alleys, open road, darkness and light, hope and fear, depression and joy.  When it starts to make sense that is just the beginning no matter how long it took to get there.  Then the work starts…alone…and one day, the poem appears and you knew it was all worth it.  A stranger walks up to you and says “Thank You.”  You move on.  The Day of Reckoning arrives and you cash in your chips.  Mourning and memories but the memories will begin to fade…some faster than others.  Sometimes a good poem can hang around for a long time.  But it doesn’t matter.  A light that shines, no matter how bright or how long, is good in itself.