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I woke to the sound of thunder!
Or am I dreaming?
In the distant I heard screaming..
I walked out my front door, all was
At Peace, all the noise was gone,
Thunder and screams had ceased.
I shook my head went back to bed
While the recent events danced in 
My head....

Dreams gathered in sight, of a storm 
Of darkness and might....
I rose to the fight, but in this darkness
There was no sight...
I heard a distant roar, not man but beast
Walked in my door, a mother lion searched
For her cub, found nothing of the kind..
Her steps grew weary, her heart was in
A bind..

Mother lion broke down in tears, she spoke
To me of her greatest fears, she was unselfish
And kind, with a strong and loving mind....
For a creature of the wild her temperament
Was gentle and mild..
She asked me if I'd help find her child..

I searched with the Lioness for a very long
Time, her steps grew weary, and so did mine.
We sat for a while, after searching many a mile..
We heard a roar, a magnificent Lion appeared
It was her long lost cub, who shook the space
All around, at last, the lost cub was found.

So we parted we went our own way, and we
Remember the search we shared, I remember
How much the wild beast did care.
Her long lost cub, was a strong King of the jungle
She stood in the shadow of his mighty mane...
His dear mother was gentle and tame....So every
Now and then she walked with me in my dreams
And would call-out the young cubs name..
You see the Mother in her just will remain..
The same..
(If we find our dreams haunting, remember, it's
Just a dream, of reality taunting)

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Reality Taunting