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A song of long ago plays on the radio
Gazing out my window, wind and snow
Races to and fro..

Christmas is near, it's a festive season
Glows and shines, we use the garland
To dress the Pine..

An Angel at the top of the tree, the eyes
Of heaven looks to see, to bless this years
Christmas tree..

Candles glow and Yule Tide  flame
We speak out Baby Jesus name, for he is 
A gift to all Mankind, his love is there for 
Us to find.

Holy night of years gone past...
Can make this moment last..

Bethlehem is his birth place, in the manger
Laid his holy face, A star, and Angel song
Has given hope, to keep us strong.

So on this special time of year, the holy
Light our hearts will share....This is ....
A time for loving care.

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A Time for Loving Care