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Hold the ghost of Christmas past
Feeling heartbeats pounding fast
The house lies quite in its dream's
Colored lights softly stream

Snow is falling in the midnight hour, Christmas
The day is softly calling.
Looking upon a part of the time, my heart begins
To climb, the patter of children's feet is sounding
In the hall, a familiar sound, of children small.

Rising to greet them all, Santa stands by my side
The youngest child a babe in arms, finds a spot to
Hide his eyes, somehow knowing it was his dad, in
Santa's disguise...

It was a joyous part of life when children's
Laughter filled the halls, a part of the time that
Carries on, long after those years are gone.
So I lived those times with the hope that flair,
when festive pine fills the air.
The sights and sounds of children's
The play still warms my heart on Christmas day.

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Christmas Memories