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Life in the fast lane
Will strike some pain
It's a pace of a blinding
A lot is overlooked, but 
Yet it's plain to see it's
Movement has punished

Life in the slow lane is taking
To much time, Only half way up
The hill with many more to climb.
This must be a waste of time, the
Minutes are too valued in line.
Must find a lane just right, to nurture
My inner sight...

There is a lane in the middle, witch
may answer life's riddle...
It just might be the speed I need,
To make this trip, fit as a fiddle.
I'll strum a song, as I move along.

I guess I'll pass all lanes, and let
My feet carry me,  I'll take them
The old-time route, since all others
Leave me in doubt.
Just keep moving, that's what life
is all about.

So as others pass me by, I'll never
Have to wonder why my feet must
Carry me, before I grow the wings
To fly...

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No Lanes..to Gain