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Seek TheHeart of Man

So dark the day, the tears at
heaven's door...
Release its saddening fears
Light has vanished in sullen

Lost to the sound of the drummer's
The long lost thought is free, abound.
Is standing, in the defeated battles
Fought..on open ground.

Somewhere in the fold of years,
The waters formed from lovers
Not holding the justice scales,
I leave the land for adventures
Sails... Yet, sorrows still coldly wail.

Do you seek the heart of man?
Can you face this roaring force?
Set sure your final course...
Empty hands will hold the day
A maddening roar will soon give way.
 The placid sterns soon fade at bay.

Seek the heart of Man, because 
The warmth of the soul knows we

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Seek the Heart of Man