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When I was small I'd make snow angels
When twilight fell I'd stand in my up stairs
Window, to see my art, that was my start

Snowman standing tall, beside the Angels
Snow White wings, in times when birds were
Few, and lost with out a song to sing....
Carrots and coal would make the Snowman's
Face, than we made the Snowman's wife, 
Somehow I wished they'd come to life.

A top hat for Mr. Snowman's head, a Lacey 
Scarf for the Lady too,  we placed smiles on
their face the backyard hills was their dwelling
Place. "Frosty the Snowman" was my favorite song,
I'd hummed it's melody, and sang it's song when it was
Just me.....out alone in rugged harmony...

Tucked warmly in my bed, after my prayers are said
I'd close my eyes to gentle peace, and hope this play
Would never cease! Winter snow like strand of clay
Could build A snow Castle, to keep the wind at bay

I found time for many snow creations, my brothers 
And I stayed busy on winter vacations..
All seemed fun to me, in the backyard Place
Were I could give the Snowman, a smile on his face..

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Snow Creations