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How many snow balls in a fight?
As many as it takes!
Work up a curve ball to send your
Way, until the other side breaks!

Let's build that snow fort and have 
that snow ball fight I'm quite 
Rested for this awesome sight..
We both use our pitcher's might!

Bob and weave, and  give it heave.
Let the snow war begin,
I'll last at least an hour or two unless
My lips turn blue, like they sometimes

The score stands ten to nine, my 
Pitcher's hand is doing fine.
The snow balls fly, somewhat high
They'll not reach those cloudy sky's..
Aw, your to fast, try to make this
Moment last.

You won again, you won it fair, Our
Laughter fills the air....
Time for lunch, walking in this snow
That crunch, hot soup and sandwiches
By the bunch..

Back to our forts of snow, to give it another go!
I just adore this snow ball war, 
We all know whats instore....
Yes! Got ya! 

Score stands one and one
Snow ball wars is so much
Fun...somehow my brother
And I break even.... So we
Bond together, and wage war
On our neighbor Steven...
He brings his brother Jim,
So much fun, everyone wins...
(So back to the house to warm, this blue lip grin!)

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Snow Ball Wars!!!