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It is a time when my nights and days gather.
Like pieces of my heart filled with joys and sorrows...
I see what was, what is,
 and hope for many tomorrows.

An open book, with stains on rice paper,
tinged with Tears, and special years.
Working with love's brave moments
and momentary fears...

This silence of night clears my head,
when I sit on the edge of my bed,
Tqhinking of many words unsaid.
Thoughts linger at the typing finger.

Sweet dreams have closed my eyes,
and blessings are many,
not one moment dressed in disguise...
My fleeting sprit's sight,
prepares for it's maiden flight.

Holding the hands of time,
I see my life climb, as I rise..
I feel the promise of Paradise,
somewhere in the Angels eye's

I release my soulful sighs..
and bare the wings to

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Wings to Fly