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Empty heart has arrived!
Was my way to survive
Quiet time and place
Saw my face, and found
A resting place.

Now holding hope by the hand
Walking past the Rio Grande
Solitude took it's stand
It left me to understand.
That life is to short you see
To walk the walk of empty plea.
Only love will set me free!

So my heart reconnect, and 
Held Love's hope to connect
Showed me peace and respect
It's final flame burned direct!
Running now to seal the scar
Feeling pain in sorrows near
And far.. wishing on a fallen 

What happens from this space
My soul is safe from darkened
So on my trip to Heaven above
Will be on open wings of a pure
White dove.

Love will hold hope with ease,
And soothe my heart with a lasting 
Summer breeze....thus this soul of
Mine will truly shine..
Love speaks in God's domain, where
Warmth and light takes it's claim...

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Soul Will Shine