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Soft sounds of the Sea,  
Gentle rise and falling waves.
A milky, brilliant haze, in noon
Sun warmth in the drifting gulls
In guiding maze....gives life to 

White sand outline the shore, 
Lifting shells, starfish and more
Sun's heat if sound reverberates
Salty rays, that illuminate......
Caressing moments on passions
Slate....still waters hesitate.

Bronze skin shimmer near sand and Sea
Softly whispers in loving sage, takes glimpse
On center stage, in lofty warming rage..

Seeks comfort in approaching night
When setting sun reflects it's outline in
In sky and Sea, a dazzling double the 
Soul can see. Soft glow of setting sun
The birth of summer night begun...

In hollows of frozen land, thoughts 
Of sea kissed, summer takes a stand
Held in the recall of my mind, it finds
A freedom of another kind..

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Freedom of the Mind