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Mindless Rambling

My apologies to my readers, if any. I sat down to compose a poem,
but all that came out was stream of consciousness thoughts. It appears
my muse has taken a hiatus.

One year ending, another approaching fast;
Time marches grimly on, days of future past.
Memories of brighter days, when I was not so old;
Haunting specters of the past when I was strong and bold.

Age has its advantages, or so I like to think.
"Sure it does" says my inner voice, giving me a wink.
So oft times we gaze at life with a vacant stare,
The days pass in a mindless blur, we seldom even care.

Whatever happened to those days of my long lost youth,
When each moment was a joy, each day a new found truth?
Now tarnished and jaded seems that truth;
While worn and fading is my youth.

I grieve daily for those I've lost, a never ending weight;
I ponder what the future holds, and the fickle hand of fate.
Each new loss strips my life of those for whom I care,
When all are gone and I remain, how will I then fare?

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Mindless Rambling