My Life (post divorce and empty nest) in Sonnets

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Original Contemporary Poetry by author, Jean Parr

"Love After Love"

Is it even possible to find love after true love?
Everywhere I look, I am reminded of his energy
My favorite music had to be gotten rid of
Even my favorite chocolates are a sad memory

Unable to focus, alone and undefined
My health is failing, feeling inept
I can picture him so clearly in my mind
Promises not kept

I can't even go to my favorite amusement park
I clearly remember the feel of his lips on mine, us kissing
I keep trying; I keep dating, but will I find that spark?
I may go to my grave with a piece of my heart missing

First I thought it was love, but it was control
When I found true love, I ruined it; why can't I just crash into a telephone pole?

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