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Truth Hurts Fairytale

In a land beyond lies the Castle
in the silhouettes
Placed in a notch in time
high above on the mountain tops 
Was the city of silver and gold
It was a story told by the brave
And Bold.

Knights stood in their Armor Dressed
For battles call, these Kings soldiers
Were seeking justice for the meek,
The poor, and the small.
No commonplace In reality could 
Stand against this force, their helmets
Reflected the moon and sun to set
Them on their course.

One day a mighty Horde swept across
Their land and took all within its path,
A mighty cry washed in a blood's bath.
Its gold was taken its silver too, the 
People's needs just grew and grew
What was the fate of this fantasy land
That lay in ruin at the conquerors 

Now they scattered one by one and 
disappeared, in the setting sun.
The alien force had won.. and now the
War was done... a sad and alarming
Fairy Tale one that's seldom told,
Now the Castle fades away, in shadow's
Left nothing to stay

If only the riches was shared with the 
People from the start, their health,
and strength would remain there.
The city would stand to protect them,
Common good. So in this little fable
Where all hope has lost it's able.
Has left empty chairs around the

If you need a kingdom to stand it needs
The King to take, all his people
by the hand something
Some Kingdoms need to understand
Silver and gold can feed and help the
People do grow, the people strong and  bold
Can stand United, not lost in the story

We part with a noble thump, to see what 
Will flourish, or who will prosper, with the
Sad, sad story of Royal King Trump
A Scarry thought we hail when the
Truth hurts in a fairy tale, of a mighty
Kingdom strong risk becoming frail
A hope that only fiction fails

(So ends: Truth Hurts fairytale)

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Truth Hurts Fairytale