An Elegy for Trees

An Elegy for Trees 

Days ago I saw them there
Standing up to dream.
Quiet roadside guardians
Consistent and serene.

Dressed in their winter colors
They whispered as I passed,
I smiled at them a greeting
Though it would be the last.

I went again the next day
And to my great dismay
These sentinels had fallen
And round a field they lay.

The evidence proved malice
No accident was this
Holocaustic butchery
Replaced my roadside bliss.

Anger harsh and impotent
Rushed through my pounding heart
As I observed this horror
Of wasted ravaged art.

Stupid decimation, death!
Just apathetic greed 
Had caused this ugly vista
Before my eyes to bleed.

Long stacks of hardwood corpses
Piled Higher than a roof
Filled the empty sodden land
With un refuted proof.

Ramona Gibson Hughes

( I had posted this piece previously but somehow deleted it from my poetry list... Here it is again, I hope it touches a chord with you, as it is special to me. )

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An Elegy for Trees