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Do you see the ancient rains
sweep across the land?
Can you hear the mournful cries of animals,
now weakly stand...

What is this weather condition,
that appears throughout
Winter's hold?
It is a plight within  our sight,
yet strictly Out of sink.  
When life and luster is driven to the brink.

It is a time that makes it's mark,
in striking midnights dark.
Where does it travel,
what secrets does it unravel?

The moody winter's weather
bares it's charming  wet flowing
to wash away the dim and restless skies.....

Behold it's quality it's damp and special ways,
it's waters, bring Golden rays
of winter's tale in lofty days.
No greater detail is held in it's moist haze,
the steady walk in twisting maze.
I'd rather see the snow,
then barren winter's muddy ways.

It's splashing solitude,
runs the land in puddles rude...
I'll close my eyes and ears,
and hope for betters days!

Nature takes it course in many directions
It is a heart and soul connection..
We can not change it's power, but we can
compensate by each hour.....

Shelter, and strong will, can help us cross
Many a hill!
Wet or dry, it still remains, so might as well
Accept the Winter's rains.....


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Winter`s Rain