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A man from the past

The moon had barely risen above the horizon as

Storm clouds began to gather in the west. Distant

Thunder alarmed the still night air and a sudden

Swirl of leaves gave notice of change


There was something in the feel of her hand, holding

Mine yet somehow seeking to retract. Had I said

Something? Forgotten something? I didn't think I

Had yet her fingers spoke of reproof


Her lips normally warm and yielding were not mine

Tonight, colder, much colder, than I had ever kissed

Before; butterfly busy, anxious to get on and be gone

I held her to me and knew then that I was not the one


We stood in the moonlight each waiting for the other

To speak. For my part, I knew full well that when

Words did come they would cut like a knife, A knife

Plunged deep into my heart and secured with a twist

A sudden flash of lightning made her jump reaching

For me momentarily grabbing my hands. A long silence

Followed before words melted into whispers ass her

Fingers slipped from mine forever


I watched until she reached the park gate and a car

Presently lost in the shadows its lights off, its engine

Still. Her walk had always been part of our love

Story, I'd know it anywhere and tonight listening

As her footsteps quickened into the arms of another

I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to race after

Her, to stop her, to plead with her to change her

Mind, but it was not to be; I could see that even

In the dim glow of a vanity mirror


Storms? What are they in light of a broken heart?

Bewildered, I turned and walked into the night, a

Bedraggled figure lost and alone for the first time

In a long time. The storm was at its hight now. The

Heavens had opened. My path periodically brought

Into sharp focus by sudden and startling arrows

Of searing energy that split the sky from horizon to

Horizon. The air heavy with the confusing aroma

Of the graveside, wet grass, flowers and saturated

Earth almost as heavy and confused as my heart


Rain hides tears tolerably well but what of desolation?

What of the emptiness, the melancholy, the gloom, the

Loneliness, what salve is there for that on God's earth

May I ask ? None that I know of. Rain I tell you has

No leverage in that quarter; nothing can still the breast

Behind which bleeds a daggered hearts


Why had I not seen this coming, why had she not

Told me before tonight, why wait, why… So many

Questions, so few answers


I blamed myself at first, how could I let this happen?

Am I a lover or a fool yet with what weapon do I

Cudgel fate? How do I stop wandering eyes, chance

Encounters, bodies that want to be together? There

Was no way, there is no way; no way on earth to delay

Love. Love has no time to linger, nor can it be ruled

Fate deals the cards and we mortals place our bets, I

Placed mine and lost – love wins again. So, I stood

Aside, a man from the past who loved her dearly and

Always will...


...Her smile was my sunshine, her eyes my starlight

I loved her and loved her I prayed for the night

When shadows came creeping into our dark room

Where she bathed me in love by the light of the moon


But alas, no more


© Joseph G Dawson
19/12/2017 – 14/07/2015


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