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Twilit river is softly flowing to meet the sea.
A long the shores stands the leafless trees
It is a gentle drift that moves the ship from
Side to side, a magical ride....

 Now beams the Moon in it's splendor, it's
Face reflects on the water's surface...
A night of heighten sounds, flows in waters
All around..

My Captain tells me get some sleep this is a
Time he sails alone, he will bring the Vessel
He smiles and turns away, and tells me he will
Awaken me at first light of day.

In my cabin I toss and turn I feel A thought runs
Through my mind, of my family I left behind.
Sleep visits me at last, my dreams appear true
And fast..

Vivid images of my house of stone, stands in
The valley all alone..
Snow top mountains stands above, in winters
Silence I find my love....

Held by the hand of life the rich green valley sleeps
Sweetly to winter's strife... 
The land is all open in sailors dreams, when first light
Begins to streams..

Now standing to my Captains call, to take the
Ship for it's final hull..
Just before me lays the sea, it Whisper's out to
Me, "Come ride my salty waves, this is the waters
filled with sailor's brave.."

Now on the Brime waters flow, the winds will take us
To the place where swordfish show...
I've hold my hat in hand, to view, these water's grand!
At last a sailors life is free, in waters rich of deep blue

There is a ship that carried me to distant shores, that 
Left me in the water's deep, I live it now in solace sleep...
A sea of tears in dreams that wail, has left me to.......
Eternity's sail...

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Sailors Dreams...