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In a park next to the church yard stand a blue spruce pine!
It is dressed in Christmas lights, with a star at it top!
It shimmers and glows through the night, a peaceful
And beautiful sight!

Each year I've seen it's splendor, but all the lights we
Share will never compare, to the holy night when, the
Christ child was here!

Swaddled and placed in a manger God's Angels protect
Him from danger... 
Kings and shepherds walked that night, and followed
Heavens brilliant Star's light, to see the child that Angels
Sing the infant of Kings of Kings..
His birth salvation brings..

The light of this world still remains, when we speak his holy
Name, his love for us, is the light of this world, and reflects 
The same, Oh holy child of Bethlehem, where Jesus love is
Shines in old and new, through the corridors of time..
Peace and Joy be with one and all, a time of love and peace
softly calls.....

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Light of the World