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Like the storm outside,
shelter calms it's restless fury!
Time fly's by in turbulent hurry.
The sights and sounds of the
Gale, will end, and this storm
It slips away, in a silent sail..

Exposed to life and death day
By day, I pray for balance to
Cease it's sway...
In my bleak hour's plea....
I steadfast on bended knee..

Much hope remains in my
Heart, as winds and rains
Swiftly part...
Many storms I have faced,
Many more will take it's

Your love has stood through
So many years, and held me
When life rained tears..
A strength about you, calms
My fears...

Rain and shine will fill my hours
My hope has bloomed, like fields
Of flowers..
So let life and death stand out my
I will implore, to hold the quality of
The soul, and even up the score..

I've stand in life's fine line, but that
Is balance of rain and shine, to hold
The flow and make it mine....
Come rain or shine......

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Rain and Shine