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My first Christmas, I don't remember..
They tell me it was a very white and
Cold December...
My teddy bear and noise making rattles
Was an electrifying play time battle.

Yes I'd cut my two front teeth, in time 
To pass the cranky stages, my first book,
One of a kind, it had water proof pages!
Made of clothe, colors so bright, my Mother
Read to me every night.

My Grandsons first Christmas this year, he's
Quite taken by the lights...
They reflect in his eye's sparkle and shine, his
Smile is sweet it's warmth is so fine...
7 months old, he stares at our holiday pine.

Talk about progress through the ages, my old 
Clothe book has been updated with talking..
E pages!   Love this life in all stages!
His big brown eyes, surely gleam,
In the festive season, welcome Nathan
To this familie's team

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First Christmas