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I can write of joy when inside I weep.
I can paint a smile when sad hours 
I keep.
My Mothers birthday on the 23 of December,
This is a day I will always remember...

Her eyes were warm and gentle, she 
Would walk with me in troubled times.
She heard me with her loving ways
She held dear, each moment of the

So I recall her life, the day of her birth.
I see her in my dreams, I feel her valued
If you could walk with me just one more
Time... You would see the Mountains I've

As the snow drapes her purity across the
Land,  I remember your warm and gentle
You live within my heart, your kindness and
Wisdom will never part! 

Soft Whisper's of your Angels sings
Of the day  I can tuck away warmly
Beneath your wings.....
This same day so long ago, you're
Lovely spirit began to glow...

(Your loving Daughter)

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December 23rd...