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Pathless Journey

No path remains in the desert sand
Wind wipes away each step that

The waters of the Sea are pathless 
As well, it's white cast waves rise and 
Fall. Leaving sad stories to tell.
Among the Blue Whale's call.

A journey without tracks is moving
Forward, then one step back...
What do we gather on the way...
When moon and stars lie at Bay...

Only life at journey's end will view
The final bend.

What message do we send, if our
Steps are left unseen or do the
Journey leave it's footsteps clean?

The travel may seem difficult, but
Peace and love will be the result.
Try not to hold, blame or fault

It will slow the journeys pace...
Just hold the hope, and all will 
Find it's placed..now looking
In Courage's Face.

Fear and pain will flee, in the 
Pathless Journey, our hearts 
are free.
It's not always what we ...
It's what we strive to be.

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Pathless Journey