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What if: The future reveals hot winter night! 
 If Global warming would take a big bite...
No snow  on mountains tops
All sliegh bells have stopped!

Santa still cares, even if it's 'Bermuda
Shorts he wares!
His sliegh is a modern Central air jet
His reindeer have become his pets..
His elf's load the jet, sunscreen and
Ice tea, is ready for the ride, his joy
Has traveled far and wide.

He shows in a flash, leaves credit cards
And cash, his service is free, as it will
Always be! So we look to the sky, "Is it a
Bird or plane that passes by, no it's Santa's
Air Force one, it's flight is in mostion,
With little comostion....

All toys delivered on time, now he takes
His fan to rest in the sun, hot or cold, 
Santa's still has fun...
This has not happened my friend, our
Snow has not come to end, so Christmas
Stills come by sliegh, hoping we slow
Global warming, right away.

One more inportant part, Christmas was
Baby Jesus birthday, a gift to mankind,
His loving heart, we are welcome to find.
For the hope of Salvation, of our savior
So kind...


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