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A soft blanket of snow holds the hills!
It's diamond gleam is a welcome scene.
Star's looks upon its face, as Moon fills
The night with grace!
My spirits lift to the atmosphere, where love
And peace becomes the air.

In moments before the dawn, the night melts
In silent sighs, Greet the open eyes of this Winter's
Day, the snow dressed trees dance in mornings rays.
The land is open to windy songs,  a melody soft but 
It's rhythm sways and bends, bathe in the solace that it
Sends. The hills have found a friend, when night 
Meets its end.
The morning star kissed the sky, 
And released a gentle tear...
as snowflakes fly...
All are held in nature's hand
When winter sweeps the
Open land.
Speak softly to Winter's hills,
It holds the heart of winters


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Winter`s Hills