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Year Zero UK Style

They're not coming here to nurse us
Because of the approaching Brexit day
But it doesn't really matter because
There's no money for treatment anyway.
When we've bought planes for the carrier
Replaced the Trident deterrent,
That's a great big whack
Of our taxes spent:
Then there's repairs to Buck House,
Cash for our own dear Queen,
Westminster Palace renovated
To smarten the Parliamentary scene,
Tax cuts and perks
For the very wealthy.
Just no money left
For the poor and unhealthy.
If they were patriotic
They would understand why
It's in the National interest
They just crawl off to die.
So long as we've enough
To provide a Servant class
We really don't need
A a large proliterian mass.
Large profits coming
From our new railway track
And with Brexit looming nearer
We'll soon have our Country back.
We can look forward
To a future bright and new
With our nice passports
Coloured nicely Tory blue.
The possibilities are intriguing
When we go our own way
Great Britain once again
All Hail Brexit Day.
If prosperity is slow to come
There's no need to wait
Our little offshore island
Can become Fifty First state,
With a capital renamed Trumpton,
Farage as the puppet head
Not God Save The Queen
Just Stars And Stripes instead.
Pull up the drawbridge
Turn the clock back to zero
Fiddle while Rome burns
With our modern Tory Neros
Or we could take to the streets
At least make the attempt
Show them we won't always
Be treated with contempt.

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