Tattoos in Mayberry

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My world once was a landscape of hope.

anxious, hot,and needful cherry pie lips

Candy cane tongues

The promise of the touch of holding warm hands
Sugar Plum Fairy dances  
Needful, but fleeting,, caresses at the county fair,
irrepressible  rumblings
behind the green shack.

Volcanic sexual property feuds
unquenchable wildfires fanning everywhere
charring to ashes, the sensual landscape. 
smoldering,summer body heat
lit up on every street corner. 

The love lines on our faces 
bearing the marks of our blood sport

 Ancient victorious
Latin warriors with  twinkles
in our eyes.....

precious life energies tapped like sap
from our tree's of life.
Would never run dry....
Time drew lines in the sand
lines we vowed never to cross.
Now, as I have gotten older. 
My fruit has all ripened and fell off my tree
But, the Sun again rises
I try running 
 victory laps for the glory of the emporor ..
Guard every citadel during
 The annual Crumb Cake Day.Festival, 
A joyous day it will be. A day of rebirth,
featuring the traditional,,passing out
to all participants fresh crumbs
to the new crop of breeders
five dollars to participate.
Three dollars for spectators
peeking through the back door,
 and free for children under 12.
To witness this year's contestants scurry
to be awarded cake crumbs tossed onto
patriotic  bark dust,
served by the honor guard
through the national  golden barbed wire fence
the Patron of Saint  of Bark Dust Slivers,
will preside 
and elders of the Holy ill begotten. .,,
will be officiating.
No one is forgotten
on this day of remembrance.
Let's bow our heads
and thank our sponsors
 while they
victoriously blast  mind numbing business pornography
over the loud speakers
testing the limits of our concentration 
and startling the ears of our pets
and small children.
let us stand also in reverence
and salute  
the God of creation
And pray he is not soon usurped by 
The Duke of disorder
and tThe Duchess of decay
Hooray for our crumb cake heroes.


All editing and publishing rights reserved as is  by this author.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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