Tattoos in Mayberry

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My world once was a landscape of hope.

anxious, hot,and needful cherry pie lips

Candy cane tongued
sleek, toned,
C student,
pin up girls , 
in string bikini '
water skiing 
behind hydrofoil speed boats.

The promise of a Sun kissed, Sugar Plum Faiy's dance  
Urgent, fleeting, tongue kisses at the county fair,
rumblings behind the green shack.

volcanic sexual property right feuds 
on every street corner.
every open screen door 
peeping into windows.

The love lines on my face
a blood sport

 Ancient victorious
Latin warriors with  twinkles
in our eyes
we didn't dream we'd 
grow up to be
stuck in a role we must play.
over and over again and again, until
all our life energy gets drained away.
Compromise  is a bitter pill
for us proud people.
you may need to move
the lines you've drawn
so you can survive
But, can we see 
the games in the
bleacher seats 
There is no admittance to the petting zoo.
You're no longer in the motherland
but have moved to the other land
and you only get to pet yourself there ..
Like a
lost Japanese soldier still
fighting World War II.
I'm exhausted,hungry, cold,
and feel defeated playing
 a dead hand.
But, the Sun again rises
I try to run my literary 
 victory lap for the glory of the emporor 
butg gate keepers
and their watchmen guard,
with their life
every tower
looking down on 
their ant colony..
I bless and absolve  
all bad boy and girl screw ups.
Insurance against
the Doo Right disease.,
I boldly wear bright colors..
Casually, but strategically,
dressed down
for the arrival
of this season's National Crumb Day.
There is news they will be passing out fresh crumb cake
to a new crop of competitive eaters.
five dollars to participate.
Three dollars for spectators and children under 12.
I hate myself for scurrying like a mouse,
for stale crumbs tossed onto the bark dust,
over their high fence,
grateful, I wince from the involuntary 
rush I feel collecting
the rotting spoils of the day
For us,the doomed, the left behind, the discontented, the disconnected,
The VIP's laugh. shake their heads in disgust,
as they point a crooked finger at us
'bad examples' who expect the basics of life,
Us no good something for nothings..
Here 'we' stand for inspection.
The scourge of the day.
The lucky, blasting their porn over loud speaker
but occluded from our sight..
Shining  high resolution spotlights,  at the rest of us 
the unforgiven, the banished and the quarantined,

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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