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Her Light of Smiles

Look do you see the star that outshines the others?
Do you see the spectrum of lights that shine?
Somewhere in the east, this star is glowing fine!
What a sorrowful look my child reveals, I asked
What sadness takes her smile, she says it is 
The night that takes her play hides it in the day!

"Come see this star that shines afar like a rainbow of
The night, it amazing the rich colors of its light!"
She walked to her window and gazed upon it's
Glow, and softly her smile began to show.
Quietly she stood in the moments soft and pure, and
Sadness lifted fast and left her heart for sure...

She said sometimes watching the sky was her time
Of the silent play, that stars can bring her joy in the sleeping
Hours of the day, her smile was peaceful and picturesque
Her eyes were filled with starlight wonder, she lit the room
Like lightning lights the thunder.

A moment rare my heart will keep, my loving child is now
Sound asleep! In the morning when she wakes, this star
Gaze time she will recall, and ware the smile when rain
Drops fall..... Standing in her window tall.
Her light outshines it all!

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Her Light of Smiles