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Eternal Things

Our bodies are made of clay,
And have been molded to obey;
But will tend to fall and to break,
When we stray while we forsake.

Yet we still possess the treasure,
Having an eternal pleasure;
Through the superior power,
That God has fed us each hour.

Superior power belongs,
To God who cancels our wrongs;
We do not have any control,
Of the outcome of His goal.

In every way with trouble,
Never crushed by all the rubble;
Frustrated but we do not quit,
Striving forward not to forfeit.

Oppressed but never forsaken,
Anxiousness not overtaken;
Captured but have never been killed,
But the death of Christ has instilled.

For we carry around His death,
Deep within with every breath;
Continues in giving us life,
For coping through toils and strife.

We live in a mortal nature,
But death makes us a new creature;
Death continues to work within,
As we are proceeding to sin.

What you believe therefore you speak,
Through the spirit of faith you seek;
Knowing the One who brought the Lord,
Not be forsaken or ignored.

For all the things are for your sake,
That glory and grace is at stake;
As God produces thanksgiving,
For us to continue living.

Our suffering is just light,
But eternal glory shines bright;
Temporary are the things seen,
Eternal things remain unseen.

Copyright 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Eternal Things