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Early spring, many birds return on wing,
with harmonious songs to sing. 
The fresh birth of life, and thirsty land,
Budding trees, and green grass expands.

Sweet summertime sun has
the children swim time fun!
Splashing water at each other,
building fortress in the sand
Facing ebbing sea waves where they stand!

Autumns colors amber's pride, brush the
Falling leaves aside.
Creature's gather food to store,
to close the door, to future's cold
To keep the warmth within, sleeping
Comfy in it's weather's den.

Then the winter winds carry snow to
Land, and icy water's edge, it plants it's
White weave hold on trees, and barren 
Hedge. This will come to fill the circle's
Cast, and leave it's memory of chilling

So seasons walk their domain, and leave
Their work in tinted frames, each step...
Calls out it's rightful name, and make it's
Entrance with subtle claim..
It's time and place, will voice it's name.

So here we walk through chapter's fill
And face the worlds seasoned will...
Look to the eyes of young and old..
The earth's story will unfold...
It is nature's witness and rhythmic

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Nature`s Witness...