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Our Powerful God

Listen to the message,
You women crush the poor;
For the rite of passage,
Going through the right door.

You abuse the needy,
But never stop to think;
Acting as so seedy,
Just getting wine to drink.

The Lord did take an oath,
When as to come the time;
You are going to loaf,
By committing a crime.

Each of you will just leave,
Through the breaks in the wall;
Since you do not believe,
When the Lord makes His call.

God will never condone,
As you leave the city;
Into the dump be thrown,
He will not take pity.

Where you go you will sin,
In pleasure till morning;
Corrupted deep within,
Immoral adorning.

Burn bread for offering,
Brag and boast of freewill;
Making spells conjuring,
For Satan to instill.

God left nothing to eat,
No food in the whole land;
No place to have a seat,
Ground sinks down where you stand.

The Lord had stopped the rain,
Before reaping the field;
Which had dried up the grain,
Before getting the yield.

The Lord forms the mountains,
While creating the wind;
While giving visions,
Who has been disciplined.

Copyright 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Our Powerful God