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We know that everything,
Works together for the good;
Who loves the Lord and will bring,
Glory to you as it should.

This is true as you should know,
Appointed them by His plan;
To have the same form does show,
Image of His Son on man.

So His Son is the firstborn,
Among the many children;
For living where we sojourn,
While unbelievers shun.

He called on those appointed,
Approved of those He had called;
Ordained being anointed,
Purified where being flawed.

The one who shows us their love,
Gives arousing victory;
In difficulties thereof,
As well as through history.

So what could we say about,
Knowing that God is for us;
Could we ever have a doubt,
Someone is against as thus.

God would never spare His Son,
Handing Him over to die;
If saving had not begun,
No reason to question why.

Who will accuse whom God chose,
When God has approved of them;
Since the Lord already knows,
Who are slated to condemn.

Christ died and brought back to life,
With the highest position;
He intercedes in the strife,
Defends our petition.

We are being killed each day,
Thought as sheep being slaughtered;
As we still wander away,
And misled to be watered.

Copyright 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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