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So the time comes to a count as the year leaves it's rein
The New year awaits for it's crown of gems and special
Glow! It will walk with us from day to day and form our
Life like clay!

When old becomes new, with the suns and moon at bay!
Will it bring us happiness? Will it greet old sorrows?
Will it bring us new life, in the first tomorrow?
In it's steady pace, it tells the stories of yesteryears, in 
Love and grief, and fears, the walk of time, holds the
Brave, in a moment we choose to save.

Should I see your smile, on the road of my journey,
I will return it's warmth with a light that guides my 
Way, and smile right back before the light of day.
I say goodbye to the tears held in this ending year.
I greet the new with hope and clean anticipation
Now race the hours,  with no anticipation......

May peace be with you, in this new year's chime
May hope reach out in trying times. 
When life seems cluttered with more sorrows
than we can handle, let it pass you by without
Cold and relentless scandal..
A prayer of peace and love, for a fruitful year
On God's good Earth, from our loving Father

When the last second of the old year pass, 
The New Year bids farewell to it's vintage
In a thankful prayer, time will breathe 
In newness cares...
In open arms of time's repair, may hope
And love be waiting there..

I make a toast to one to all....
May this New Year answer 
To it's loving call....
May you stand if you
Should fall, remember
God is there when we call.

May joy be your friend, 
My hope for all, I sincerely
When old turns to new
The future comes to 
A warm review

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