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Sealed with loving hands.
The treasures of time is buried deep.
Covered by the sands of desert soil
Floating in a lake of oil!

The time arrives to break the seal
To bring forth the treasures zeal..
Standing by the driven hand, I open
The treasure grand, gold and Ruby's
Shimmer in moonlights silver glimmer.

Gold and precious diamonds fair..
Reach out in enchanting care.
The hours dive in oils pools,
Casting out the heart of fools..

This does not hold the soul
It does not free the mind, it does
Not define the flesh, or reflect 
It's image kind...

It's beauty is cold and lifeless,  it's
Value  is heartless cash, it dwells
In momentarily gain until  your
Blood runs dry, in golden vain
Not subject to life or pain..

Where does the treasure lay?
It is deep within the spirit's 
Hold,  it is eternal light, and
Life,  in Heaven's Gate's of 

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True Treasure