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The Power of Empathy

Jesus, who makes people holy,
All are having the same Father;
The true Son, the One and only,
And considered as a Brother.

That is why Christ is not ashamed,
To call them sisters and brothers;
Everyone that has proclaimed,
Superior of all others.

Declare His name to anyone,
Praise Him to all those passing by;
Proclaiming the Father and Son,
The Holy Spirit you rely.

Give Him all your hope and trust,
The Lord is here for helping you;
Allowing to resist the lust,
Listening to what you should do.

For you are of both flesh and blood,
Jesus took on to be like them;
Purified in the crimson flood,
Cancelling out that once condemn.

He did this so that by dying,
Would destroy the power of death;
Letting joy rather than crying,
By others after the last breath.

So He would free those who were slaves,
For being afraid of dying;
Rescuing them out of their graves,
On their death bed has been lying.

Truly not the angels give aid,
Rather Jesus helping us out;
But truth made some people afraid,
While others are holding doubt.

Christ had come to be merciful,
Faithful to God for making peace;
Iniquities are curable,
Condemnation of sin to cease.

Christ experienced temptation,
As He suffered through life on earth;
Now saves us through the salvation,
When we experience re-birth.

Copyright 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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The Power of Empathy