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Beginning of the End

One year ends as a new one begins,
As the world having rancid sins;
Satan is working overtime,
With spreading of immoral crime.

The old year has come and is gone,
As the new year starts a new dawn;
On the year past as we look back,
That was sufficient and we lack.

The direction that we have been,
Growing deeper in our sin;
Having discontent with more hate,
Intolerant to those who wait.

We are seeing a growing trend,
Of things we cannot comprehend;
Riotous violent attacks,
Missiles as coated with anthrax.

Where are the wisdom and wise,
When many seem to despise;
Duly elected officials,
By making many false accusals.

Why are we now intolerant,
Acting so boldly arrogant;
No one seems as to want to share,
Just as if they no longer care.

Has the Lord lost any concern?
Why has not Jesus Christ return?
Will we see in the coming year?
For saying that the end is near.

Only God has the answers of,
When Jesus returns from above;
He expects to do what is right,
For rewarding us with insight.

Copyright 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Beginning of the End