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The years come and go like soft wind through pages, blow
From youth, to golden years, life moves on, hope and love,
Then reappears..
Day One, has arrived,once more, walks right through time's door
It skipped and scurried aimlessly,across the hard wood floor..

It is a day marked with new beginnings, it smiles at the morning
Sun, it holds a plan in the making, it's comforting smile ease my 
Hands from shaking.
A prayer to thank God for this New Year, that will hold the echoes
Of laughter, and saddened tear..
I ask that he walks with me in time of courage, and times of fear.

Whith family and friends, we face new beginnings, and bid farewell
To yearly ends. 
Happy New Year, 2018 has peeked around the bend..a good year to
Loving hearts ..... Peace and hope I sincerely send..

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