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Working Power

I kneel in the presence of God,
Whom the family in Heaven;
Pays homage through honor and laud,
In return blessings are given.

For all who exalt will proclaim,
Kneeling in front of the Father;
All Heaven and earth has His name,
And having Christ as their Brother.

I ask God to give you a gift,
Of His glory giving you wealth;
For inspiration to uplift,
Improving your spiritual health.

I am praying that He would give,
You inner strength and the power;
Through His Spirit to help you live,
Coping with strife through each hour.

Then through faith Christ lives within you,
I also pray love is abound;
In everything that you do,
And keeping you on solid ground.

Solid ground for sinking your roots,
On which you have your foundation;
And harvesting abundant fruits,
Which is bringing you salvation.

All of His people you will be,
Able to understand how wide;
How long and high if you could see,
How deep His love is to abide.

You will know of Christ and His love,
Which has been going far beyond;
That has been flowing from above,
And has made a spiritual bond.

I am praying you being filled,
Being far beyond cognition;
For the love of Christ has instilled,
Giving you full comprehension.

Glory belongs to God in church,
Power that works within us all;
Through wisdom and knowledge we search,
Until the Lord has made His call.

Copyright 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Working Power