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On an Island in the tropics lives a family of Castaways.....
It began with just one woman and one man,
but the two continually grew...

It was a storm that brought down their plane in hurricanes
Winds and rains...
For a family of eight, not knowing their fate, running out of time
On an island where the scorns and thorns of untamed nature await.

In the distant rumbles the volcano, it is a mountain of fire that
Would seal and unwelcomed fate!
 They must leave the unstable land, or sink to lava's scorching brink
They worked on a boat to keep this family afloat, to leave in a hurry,
Or go down to the island's fury.
Tested and tried, their boat must ride the 
Waters of the tropical sea... The time approaching,
when they must suddenly flee...To face the waters
Of the open sea...

(To be continued)

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