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The island now often quakes, it omits some toxic gas, 
Waiting to be consumed by the volcano's fire and fumes.
Now the Family of castaways was floating to sea, the dark
The ashen day was floating around in the echoes of rumbling

Their boat secured all eight, their sail could no longer wait...
For another piece of land, as the family planned! 
The Island they left behind, sinks into the sea, it's Landmass is
Consumed in fires and poisonous gas!
The blinding destruction has unmasked it's furious construction.
A land now under the sea, steam, and Ash, has set it free...

For miles ahead, the water was turbulent and  unclean, it's force
Brutal and mean, it was tossing the boat like a ball, it would rise
And suddenly fall, a lone speck in the midst of it all... The angry
Waters screams to the Islands fall..... Uknown territory voice it's
Call....Were thrown to Distant shores,  with a shambles of a boat, 
Not yet realizing we were no longer afloat...

Sun shines brightly in our eyes, another land materialized, a sigh
Of relief and disbelief, all eight of us survived.
A shocking discovery, we are alive... Now we're tending our
Wounds, torn flesh and brushes, and bumps, legs weakened and
Stiff like tree stumps, we drop to our feet, for the land to greet,
A prayer of thanks, for not meeting defeat.....
Will they ever find a home?  We'll see, it might happen in part three!
( To be continued )

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Island Fury (2) Distant Shores