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After our narrow escape from the Island's fury, I realized
A greater power has been with my family and me
From the start! God was with us every step of our way.
We checked over the land, much to our surprise a welcome
A sight to my eyes,  civilization in distant view.
When I returned to the shore, my family danced to the news!
Not the dance of rhythm and blues, happy dance for this
second chance!

Homeward bound after twenty years, my eyes were filled
With joyful tears! 
The Island's Fury saved us all in its own way, it brought
us closer to a home on this beautiful day. 
We could not save that land, but its end made it possible
For us to stand,  in our motherland so grand...
So ends this story of Island's Fury, remember sometimes we
Can lose our way, we can lose all we have, but we cannot
Lose our faith, we must find our way to be grateful that we are
Alive to pray!

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Island Fury (3) Homeward Bound