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GOOOAAAAALLLLL!!! Made by number 15

Hearing the announcer call your goals and assists from games growing up

Plays from mini-mites to varsity level hockey replay in my head

Every minute constant every year the same number seeing 15

The busy part of work is done now

Im left to my own thoughts and phone calls

The thoughts are memories of hockey

Whether it was watching a friend play or being the teammate

passing you the puck or receiving the puck to score the goal

my partner in crime

on and off the ice

not afraid to get into it

having scars to prove that theory

forever scared of razor sharp edges after too many close calls with him

never getting stitches when I probably should have

Never truly alone

knowing the other was being the partner in crime

The first to tell him who I truly was

the first to truly accept me

only growing the friendship between us

hanging out at college together

having food eating competitions

working out together in the work out center

everything from normal training to push up and other competitions

that came and went to fast

one minute you were here on earth

the next you were in heaven

Playing an hour of ping pong

not even three hours

before your car crashed into the rail

the night before I got the call

A time when we could barely be separated

A year two weeks four days one hour and ten minutes

since you left us

remembering you by all of the places we hung out on campus

the place that you died

where there has been placed a cross shortly after

One year anniversary a wreath was placed on the cross

both at the exact spot where you died

Half dreading to go to college everyday

always only ever reminded of you

loving that it's a place of memories

to hard to try to move on

to go on with my life

I’ll forever have the memories

hard enough to start the semesters and the years

the events that happen at the college

the events where we hung out most of the days

The one left behind


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