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The way that we met was truly by chance
A magic connection the very first glance
In the blink of an eye it turned to romance
Our Spirits then touched and began to slow dance
Neither one looking to show this emotion
Things become deeper with every word spoken
Now feelings we have are too strong to hide
So now, how I long, to be by your side
Everyday that goes by has me wanting you more
All that you are, I simply Adore
Our chances together seem hopelessly few
In a matter of time, true love will ring through
Then knock down the walls that keep us apart
So entranced by your body, yet I'm after your heart
I'm caught in your web, with no thoughts of escape
Such beautiful art, how this love's taken shape
The feelings I have, I no longer contain
Here now I ask, are you feeling the same?
Can you say that you want me, just half as bad
As the words that I write with this pen and this pad
I believe that you do by the things that you say
You may caution to trust, but please don't shy away
To leave your heart open, not easy to do
Just let go and fall cause I'm falling for you
And when we both land, I Promise no harm
That moment you find yourself safe in my arms
The taste of your lips will then cover mine
Our spirits unite and our souls intertwine
A feeling worth more than Heaven above
The wait is now over my Eternal Love

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