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a letter from my ReFleCtioN

Letter on blue carpet,
Offering hope not help.
It's stars...
Dear Self,

You're art piece reflecting-
In this mirror.
A spear,
A tear,
I hear you.
Walking and crying.
Smiling yet dying.
I don't know why,
You live this way,
Day after day.
Your hand prints left on
Your paint brush.
You dream of his lips
And delecate touch.
You beging to paint your canvase-
Black with expression.
Then you throw stars -
In the heavens.
They represented
A new life; a gone past tear.
Today you looked in the mirror,
And it was you that I got to see..
It was great. When I smiled -
You smiled back at me.

-you're reflection

~DaYnA e. 1/1/03

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a letter from my ReFleCtioN