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I looked into your eye's
Like morning sun greets
The skies!
A child of love tucked in
my arms, fills my life in
Warming charms.

You were so small, but
Now you stand thin and
Tall to hold your own
child soon, place soft
memories of that silver

Guide his heart, and feed
His mind...
Instill his days with memories
Your bond that glows, in all he
He knows. Love and peace 
surely shows.

A chapter opens to your eyes
Embrace those treasured times.
You'll see him grow, and you
will know, that life carries on.

When we leave this world, a
part  of us remains, we are
Never truly gone, we live on
Warmth and comfort, much grater
then our pains...

You will be the best father you can be,
His world will be a journey to share
He will know often, how much you
Deeply care...

( With my love, Your Mother)

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Deeply Care