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Side by side the wirlwinds spins the snow.
 knowing it's enchanting dance, the powdered
Snow circles high and low....falling in a steady

The sun shines brightly in winters sun, it sparkles
In it's rays, like gems of nature's cold. 
A warm and inviting sight, that brings 
It's frosty bite....

Hours skim in short days dim, stoke the flames
That burn within. Chimneys hurls with smoke....
Its flames crackles, heat orgin is provoked.
Just give those logs another poke.

The field stands with white dressed pines,
In horizontal lines, it fills the fields where
Nature's creatures dine.
A cave beyond holds the sleeping bears
Their body heat is greatly shared.....

Beyond the cave flows the stream, its waters
Caress the season's dream......My searching 
eyes traces free, to walk among, the sleeping

Look for footsteps that leads to the
Pines, you'll find me walking to where winter
Blizzards chill, or summers days so sublime......
Their sweet embrace, empowers time...

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Winter`s Pines